Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment & Hiring

Finding quality virtual assistants is no easy task. Vital Outreach is proud to handle the entire hiring process from interviewing, to conducting personality and skill assessments, to hiring and onboarding. This saves you hours of valuable time so you can focus on closing deals.

We have a database of thousands of potential candidates who are then pre-screened, interviewed and trained to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality virtual assistant to help your business succeed.

Consider your virtual assistants as a business in a box. We can provide a variety of services with our well-rounded virtual assistants, including but not limited to:

  • Cold Calling
  • Skip Tracing
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Lead Management

Billing & Invoicing

You will be invoiced weekly based on the number of hours worked through Square.
All United States payment types are accepted. There are no surcharges for using credit cards.
Vital Outreach has virtual assistants ready to fill in for any absences!

Managing Your Staff

Vital Outreach will be responsible for managing and training your virtual assistants. We have weekly trainings with members of our team to ensure your virtual assistants are performing at a high level.
You can connect with your virtual assistant through their company emails. Additionally, video calls via google meet can be set up by our team for live training sessions.

Depending on the service provided by Vital Outreach, you can request daily or weekly reports to ensure your virtual assistants are actively working and helping your business succeed.

All virtual assistants are on a probationary period for the first three months of service and can be terminated with 24 hour notice. After the first three months, we require two weeks notice to terminate your virtual assistant.


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